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individual talent


At home in Eindhoven

Together Focus Real Estate

Focus Real Estate is a dynamic team of ten permanent and fifteen flexible colleagues. We grow organically, but want to stay compact. Each individual brings their own talent to the table. Making us decisive as a whole. Our home is Eindhoven, but you will also see us in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Arnhem and numerous other cities.



Freek Boeijen

Partner & CEO Focus Invest

Ruud Jacobs

Partner & CEO Focus International Real Estate

Ilse Staals


Gerlyn Staals


Kamiel Lemmens


Martine van Gerven

Director Operations

Ludo & Ria Schellens


Nik van Nuland


Laurent Smits

Investment manager

Invest in partnerships

We work closely with our clients, partners and each other. Always creating a pleasant working environment with hospitality, commitment, empathy and loyalty being key. We feel supported by a strong network of people who we love to work with, who give us energy and who we have a strong and trustworthy bond with. What we bring to the table is knowledge, expertise, our portfolio and capital.