Slagvaardig in vastgoed door bundeling individueel talent

At home in Eindhoven

Together Focus Real Estate

Focus Real Estate is a dynamic team of ten permanent and fifteen flexible colleagues. We grow organically, but want to stay compact. Each individual brings their own talent to the table. Making us decisive as a whole. Our home is Eindhoven, but you will also see us in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Arnhem and numerous other cities.



Freek Boeijen

Partner & CEO Focus Invest

Ruud Jacobs

Partner & CEO Focus International Real Estate

Ilse Staals


Gerlyn Staals


Kamiel Lemmens


Martine van Gerven

Director Operations

Ludo & Ria Schellens


Nik van Nuland


Laurent Smits

Investment manager

Lot van de Meerakker


Remco Tacken

Junior Vastgoedprofessional

Invest in partnerships

We work closely with our clients, partners and each other. Always creating a pleasant working environment with hospitality, commitment, empathy and loyalty being key. We feel supported by a strong network of people who we love to work with, who give us energy and who we have a strong and trustworthy bond with. What we bring to the table is knowledge, expertise, our portfolio and capital.